ZhenSanHuan HandHammered Iron Wok Flat Bottom Induction Suitable (IronHandle with Help)




. Flat bottom, induction suitable. . Seasoned. . Diameter: 32CM . Bottom diameter: 16CM . Weight: 5lb . Depth: 8CM With this heirloom-quality wok, healthy food and grandma’s cooking can be passed on for generations. . ZhenSanHuan owns the patent of ZhangQiu iron wok, hand-hammered with Chinese traditional cold working technique. This technique was used to make weapons in ancient history. It does not just bring you health, but also with long-lasting life cycle, it keeps your family traditional flavor for your grandchildren. . Fully hand-hammered for 150 – 200 times for each square cm – for optimal heat retention and thorough, even heating. High-density surface doesn’t absorb cooking oil, so you save oil meanwhile taking less fat. . NO painting, no coating – physically non-sticky to give you a healthy meal. Less oil, less smoke. It is completely safe and healthy. . Kitchen Must-Have – varied diameters of stir fry pan to fit your everyday cooking needs and techniques. . Products require seasoning before use. Silver wok needs to be seasoned. Blue-black wok is pre-seasoned, and need to be oiled before use – We can help to season it, please let us know if you need us to fully season it for you. We also have detailed tutorial video to help you make it a piece of art.

Our woks and pans were chosen and filmed by A Bite of China. It helps us getting more attention but also more and more low-quality counterfeits flooding the market.
Every wok has been through 12 processes, 36,000 times of hand-hammering. You can see all the hammer prints but hardly feel them. The hammered surface absorb less oil than ordinary woks.
It is nonstick because iron is reactive and will form a protective layer of iron oxide during use. It’s color will change during use when forming the protection layer until it becomes black.
It is an iron wok that can be passed on for generations. It has nothing but iron.
It has been seasoned and you only need to wash it when you receive it. Iron gets rusted in water, so please dry it after use. Wipe a layer of oil over the cooking surface if you do not want to use it for a while.


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