Zevia Zero Calorie Cream Soda, Naturally Sweetened, 12 Fl Oz Can, Pack of 24 (Packaging May Vary)



Every soda in the Zevia line is a sweet treat, but Zevia Cream Soda is practically a dessert. This naturally sweetened soda has an incredible deep aroma and luscious taste. It might be even more creamy and delicious than you remember but this diet cream soda is truly the way cream soda should always have been. With hints of vanilla and butter, the flavor in Zevia Cream Soda can satisfy even the greatest sweet tooth. And since it’s zero-calorie and sugar-free, you can make happy taste buds without upsetting the rest of your body.

FEELING BUBBLY: every Zevia soda is a sweet treat, but Zevia’s Cream Soda is practically a dessert; naturally sweetened with a delicious deep aroma and a luscious taste; the hints of vanilla and butter in our Cream Soda can satisfy even the sweetest tooth.
A BETTER SODA: Zevia Zero-Calorie Soda, Cream Soda, (24) 12 Fl Oz cans; here’s a naturally sweetened, healthy alternative to diet cream soda that you & your family will crave; all of that cream soda flavor with zero sugar, no calories & nothing artificial
SMARTER CHOICES: Whether you’re craving a burst of sweetness, a bubbly treat or a guilt-free drink for movie night, we’ve got you covered; enjoy the anytime convenience of a calorie-free, naturally flavored, effervescent soda delivered right to your door
PREMIUM PRODUCT: Zevia’s Cream Soda is zero calorie, sugar free, clear in color, gluten free, Non GMO Project Verified, kosher and vegan; try it as an alternative to traditional diet cream soda for a sweet treat with absolutely zero artificial ingredients. No caramel color or phosphoric acid
CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Stevia Leaf extract; Zevia uses only real ingredients in our beverages; no artificial sweeteners, colors, or ingredients; made with love and care


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