8 Silicone Stainless Steel Nonstick Kitchen Utensil set Silicone Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils set Non-Scratch Cooking Spatulas Kitchen Tool Set and Gadgets




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Do you want to cook like a real chef?
Then you’ll need high-quality kitchen gadgets!
Our silicone utensils cooking set is a must-have for both domestic and professional kitchens.
Cooking with high-quality stainless utensils is easy, fun and makes homemade food much easier to prepare.
Try the silicone and stainless steel kitchen utensils by HOM flavor today!

The silicon kitchen utensil set has everything you need for cooking, baking, and more! This set of cooking utensils includes:

  • Slotted Spatula
  • Soup Ladle
  • Solid Spoon
  • Slotted Spoon
  • Pasta Server
  • Spatula
  • Whisk
  • Serving Tongs

That’s a full 8 piece set!

So why should you choose this nonstick cooking set?

  • The stainless steel and silicone kitchen utensil set combines the durability of steel and softness of silicone
  • The kitchen accessories won’t scratch or damage your dishes
  • Each of the silicon serving utensils has handles that protect your hands from burns
  • This stainless cooking utensils set is made with a new and improved design
  • Our modern utensils are not only beautiful, but they are also durable and comfortable to use 
  • The materials used in the serving utensils silicone have no smell and can be used daily for food prep

Buy the high-quality silicon kitchen set and it will solve the problems with the necessary cooking tools for a long time.
You’ll enjoy cooking even more with this set of utensils!
Order a set of kitchen helpers from HOM flavor and surprise the people you love with delicious meals from their favorite chef — YOU!

ALL YOUR KITCHEN TOOLS IN 1 KIT. The 8 pcs kitchen tools set utensils has all your essential tools for frying, boiling, baking, and BBQ! Ideal for both domestic and professional kitchens, this silicone kitchen utensil set includes a Slotted Spatula, Soup Ladle, Solid spoon, Slotted spoon, Pasta Server, Spatula, Whisk, and Serving Tongs.
HIGH-QUALITY AND DURABLE. This premium set of cooking utensils feature high-quality materials like stainless steel that don’t rust or deform. These kitchen tools hold their shape so you can enjoy long-lasting culinary performance even with repeated use!
SAFE AND HEAT-RESISTANT. Our utensils for nonstick cookware are made of sturdy silicone that protect your pots, pans, and dishes from damage as well as your hands. These cooking utensils for nonstick cookware were created by HOM flavor at the request of Amazon customers like you!
NEW DESIGN! Take a look at our new and improved design! An ideal combination of stainless steel and grey silicone, this modern kitchen utensils set fits easily in drawers or on mounted hooks. These beautiful kitchen gadgets are a must-have in every home!
COOKING MADE EASY. Our nonstick cooking utensils are made to make cooking faster and more efficient. Use this newly redesigned silicone cooking utensil set to prepare healthy homemade meals for your family every day!


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