16″ Japanese Style Steel Wok




16″ Japanese style wok is recommended for restaurant/commercial use only. 1.2mm thick with welded joints. Protective coating must be burned off before use. To Season a new wok Step 1. Wash, rinse & dry. Thorough scrub the wok using s steel scrubber with soap to get rid of the coating oil. Step 2. Place wok on stove top in medium high heat. After heating the wok about a minute, add the oil (2 tablespoon cooking oil). Step 3. Wipe the oil all over the wok with a dry paper towels. Use cooking tong and paper towel to apply the oil all over the wok. Step 4. Let it cool off and wipe off excess oil. Repeat 2 to 4 step up to 3 times for a better seasoning .Recommended for restaurant/commercial use only.
1.2 mm thick
Welded Joints with round bottom. (wok ring necessary for residential customers)
Protective coating must be burned off before use.


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